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Some of our day trips and weekends itineraries :

Nature Experience (48 hours)

You will embark your yacht or launch and engage on a small but enjoyable exploration of the Queen Charlotte Sound. Blue penguins will be bobbing their heads in the water. The sound of the bell birds will certainly cheer you up. You might also encounter seals, gannets and if lucky dolphins or whales.

Day 1 : Arrive at the Compass Base in Waikawa Marina for your bareboat or skippered charter. After your briefing, load up the gear and cruise out of the Bay heading inner Sounds. Feed the fish in Double Bay and find a mooring or anchorage in Ngakuta, Governers or Kaipakiri Bay. Explore the shoreline with the tender before retiring to your vessel.
Day 2 : After a hearty breakfast set the course to Ruakaka Bay. Cruise around the salmon farm and you will see seals splashing around there or resting themselves on the beach. Maybe you are lucky enough to spot a few Hector Dolphins around this area too. Continuing your cruise, admiring the scenery we moor at Motuara Island. This is a bird sanctuary and you will see and hear numerous native species when hiking to the summit to enjoy the view. You could finish off the day nicely with a BBQ on deck moored up in Ship's Cove.
Day 3 : Take the dinghy ashore and visit the place where Captain Cook once stood. Walk to the waterfall. You might like to hike over the hill to Resolution Bay while your skipper or crew members take the boat around to pick you up. The hike is about 1.5 to 2 hours with lovely bush and amazing lookout points. Just right to create some appetite for lunch. Then cruise back to Waikawa Marina.

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Power Catamaran : Cruising on Overture for the weekend

Presently unavailable please enquire for alternative options

Meet your skipper and board your catamaran and spend the day on the waterways of the Queen Charlotte Sound and sit back and relax on her spacious decks. Watch the seals splashing around in Ruakaka Bay. Visit the gannets, spot some penguins or follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook. Enjoy the native bush and take a stroll to the waterfall at Ships Cove. You can have lunch in a sheltered bay and continue your explorations. Climb to the summit on Motuara Island, the bird sanctuary. Bell birds and Robins will keep you company and on a clear day you will be rewarded with fantastic views. The hulls & bow waves of the catamaran should surely entice some dolphins to come and have a play. We can adjust the day to your requirements to make sure you have an unforgettable time on the water.

We can arrange a catering for you or you can opt to bring your own food and drink.

Weekend example

Day 1 : The Compass Crew will show you over your Cat. If there is enough daylight left your skipper will cruise out of the marina and hook up to a mooring in a scenic Bay nearby.
Day 2 :

Have a lazy morning or get up with the birds. Sail past Ruakaka Bay to visit the seals and cruise into Tory Channel. Your choice from here as we can sail up to the whaling station in Tory channel or head off to Motuara Island to explore ashore. Then we head off for a sail for the afternoon and make our way to Cook's cove to our mooring for the evening. We pass a few great fishing spots where we can stop for a short break to catch a few cod for the BBQ. Sails down and the summer evening begins with a cocktail on deck winding down and reflecting on your days events.

Day 3 : Wake up with the birdsong in the bush at the waters edge. Today we decide to have a more relaxing day. Stroll on the beach, sunbathing, go for a forest walk or visit an Island or Resort. After lunch we visit the gannet colony in East Bay and sail back to the marina through Patten passage.

Most catamarans have four cabins and 2 vanities. The catamarans are also available on a self-drive basis. Commercial qualifications and adequate experience required to head out of Tory.

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Runabout Combo's

Ski or Dive & See
Combine some action with an interesting cruise in the Sounds. If required Compass Charters crew will pick you up from your accommodation or transport in Picton or Waikawa. We will organise your wet suit and get you to Waikawa Marina to board your runabout. Your skipper will show you around the waterways of the Queen Charlotte Sound; Visit Islands or admire wildlife. We will have a bite to eat & drink before getting into the water-skiing. For the kids we can have a ski biscuit available. At Waikawa marina is the opportunity to have a shower. Bareboat or skippered

History Trail & Fishing
What a way to spend a day in the Sounds. Depending on your interests we will adjust the day to your requirements. We will cruise out of Waikawa Marina & find one of our fishing spots. Hook up a few Cod or Terakihi. Spend the rest of the day exploring and finding out about the history of the Queen Charlotte Sound. Visit the old Whaling station or follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook, explore an old Goldmine or visit Gun emplacements of World War II. When getting hungry we will find a lovely bay or beach for lunch. (Optional: Scuba diving)

History Trail & Nature Cruise
If you just like to cruise, hike and experience the Queen Charlotte Sound, this could be for you. Board your runabout or Cat in Waikawa Marina and spend the day exploring the history of the Sounds and admiring wildlife & scenery. (Self-drive or under guidance of your skipper) Visit the seals at Ruakaka Bay and explore Motuara Island, the bird sanctuary. Enjoy a walk to the top, with the song of bellbirds all around you. On a clear day you will be rewarded with fantastic views. Follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook and visit Ship's Cove. Or we can go to some of the places mentioned in the trip above. Visit the gannets or dolphins might keep us company on our trip. We can adjust the places we see and visit to your requirements. Lunch at one of the resort could also be an option.

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Learn to Sail

You will learn all about the daily running of a Yacht, Catamaran or other vessel. The boating and sailing tuition is of a practical nature and will build confidence. We will cover seamanship, navigation and safety onboard and at sea, vessel equipment etc The programs can vary from 1 or 2 days in the Queen Charlotte Sound to 4 to 6 days for the more adventurous spirits. These longer explorations could venture to Pelorus Sounds, D'Urville Island or Tasman Bay. Easiest is to book with a few people or a group as we are not running these charters on demand.



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Stress Reliever - No worries, just enjoy!

Do you need a short mental health break? This is the remedy for you! Enjoy a relaxed boating holiday with your friends, family or colleges in the magical Marlborough Sounds.Only thing to worry about: What to wear and where to go? ...We could even help you with that!

Day 1 : Arrive by car, in the afternoon or evening, at the Waikawa marina or you might have been picked up from the ferry terminal in Picton. Finalize all details at the Compass Charters Base and board your vessel. All provisions have been stacked away, but a list and proposed menu is provided to help you out. One of the Compass Crew will show you over the yacht or launch you are chartering and also tell you all about the cruising area, things to do and safety equipment. Or you could have a skipper to guide you through the waterways. If there is enough time before the sun will set, cruise out of the marina to a Compass mooring nearby and retire for the night.
Day 2 : Cruise or sail towards the outer Sounds, while enjoying the scenery. Check up on the seals at Ruakaka. Throw a line over the side to hook up a cod or two, or just sit back and relax. Why not peak out of the Queen Charlotte Sound for a look in Port Gore. Find one of the charter moorings for the night and enjoy your evening onboard.
Day 3 : Another day of what you feel like doing: Cover some miles, explore the numerous bays, maybe some hiking, fishing, visit Islands and Coves, indulge yourself in one of your hobbies, have lunch on the beach, the options are unlimited. Pull up at Furneaux lodge for the night to enjoy a meal ashore before retiring to your vessel.
Day 4 : As the tight muscles in the neck are finally back to normal it is time to slowly make your way back to Waikawa Marina. Compass Charters Crew will meet you at the warf and make sure you will be safely on your way again, home or a destination elsewhere.

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Executive excuse

You think it will beneficial for your team to do something together that does not look like work. Why not go boating: An action packed day or weekend sailing or fishing or a luxury cruise with a minimum of efforts. Why not reward some of your good clients? Or just treat yourself and your team to reward their achievements with a smashing Christmas function.

Day trip :
Arrive by car, plane or ferry & shuttle at the Waikawa Marina base. We could even meet you at the ferry terminal with the charter vessel. Cruise to Ship's Cove while enjoying morning tea. Hike the track from Ship's Cove to resolution Bay. Arrive back onboard to a table loaded with a beautiful lunch. Enjoy lunch and drinks while cruising back to Waikawa or Picton. We could also have organised a lunch for you at one of the Resorts.

Weekend / 48 hours
Day 1 : Arrive at Compass Base, finalise all details, grab some bait and board your vessel(s). One of the Compass Crew will show you over the yacht(s) or power boat(s) you are chartering and also tell you all about the cruising area, things to do and safety equipment. You might have chosen a skippered charter or to compete in a friendly race with a few yachts. Another option could be fishing and cruising during the day while you spend the nights at a resort in the Sounds. Load all the gear on, throw the mooring lines and cruise out of the marina. Find a mooring for the night or anchor up in one of the picturesque bays of the Sound for a late supper.
Day 2 : Hoist the sails and fly with the wind or cruise the next leg of your journey. Have a try at some fishing or make a more serious attempt to get some cod or terakihi onboard. Assemble all at a resort for a meal or decide to cook up a feed on your vessel and enjoy your evening onboard.
Day 3 : Another glorious day ahead. Breakfast on the way while cruising to today's destination. Engage in the many activities available in the Sounds: hiking, snorkelling, sailing, fishing or have a discussion or two on the back deck and enjoy the scenery and tranquillity of these waterways. Cruise back towards Waikawa, where Compass Charters will assist you tie up your vessel and help you on your way again.

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