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2022/2023 Season Rates

"MULTI-DAY CHARTER SPECIALS" - The longer you charter the greater the discount! Please note there are no specials during our PEAK period.

4 days 6% discount - Shoulder only
5 days 9% discount
6 days 12% discount
7 days 15% discount
8 days 18% discount
9 days 21% maximum

"RETURN CLIENT DISCOUNT": (either a 5% or 10% discount). If you have chartered with us then you receive a 10% discount on your next charter if you return within a calendar year. If within 10 years then you receive a 5% discount. A return clients discount can NOW be used in conjunction with any specials we are running (except with "Trade Me" auctions).

"EARLY BOOKERS SPECIAL" - If you confirm (deposit paid) your charter six months prior to commencement then you receive a 5% discount off the daily rate!

PLEASE NOTE: Our boats are booked months ahead (especially in the summer months), if the boat of your choice is not available we apologize but we will endeavor to find a boat to suit your needs. It's always best to give us a call so we can discuss your requirements.

Pricing, Rates and Bond Information for Compass Charters: Subject to change without notice.

Charter seasons:


1st November to 30th November & 1st March to 31st May

- Minimum 3 DAY CHARTER booking during SHOULDER period.


1st - 23rd December & 15th January until last day of February

- Minimum 5 DAY CHARTER booking during SUMMER period.


24th December to 14th January. 

No Discounts/Specials during this period except for Return Clients and Early Bookers discounts

- Minimum 7 DAY CHARTER booking during PEAK period.


1st June - 31st October - CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE

- During this time we still take bookings, so feel free to get in touch by email.

  • Standard vessel charter rates includes GST of 15%.
  • All rates below are "Self Skippered" - based on a 24 hour period.
  • Consumables fee - $30/day for Yachts/Launches and $15/day for Runabouts applies to all charters and is included in the daily rate. The consumables fee includes LPG, onboard consumables, marina rubbish disposal, berth and launching fees, outboard fuel (for hired 2HP outboards only), incidentals and use of CC Moorings. See below for details.
  • Bedding is included for charter 7 days or longer. Otherwise charged at $30 per set.
  • Fuel use is not included. Fuel used is an extra cost on all vessels calculated on use.

Click on Boat Name and this will open up details on a separate page for you to view.

Yachts Design Summer Shoulder Ideal/Max
Zachary Hicks Carpenter 29 $705 $625 4/7
Okoromai Jeanneau 35 $965 $870 6/6
Sirocco Beneteau 393 $1045 $940 6/8
Bugamar Beneteau 44 $1120 $1005 8/8
Yachts: Zachary Hicks
Design: Carpenter 29
Summer: $705
Autumn: $625
Ideal/Max: 4/7
Yachts: Okoromai
Design: Jeanneau 35
Summer: $965
Autumn: $870
Ideal/Max: 6/6
Yachts: Sirocco
Design: Beneteau 393
Summer: $1045
Autumn: $940
Ideal/Max: 6/8
Yachts: Bugamar
Design: Beneteau 44
Summer: $1120
Autumn: $1005
Ideal/Max: 8/8

Launches Design Summer Shoulder Ideal/Max
Rouge Merry Fisher 795 $910 $820 2/4
Euphoria Pelin Sterling 36 $1110 $1000 4/6
E.J Salthouse 35 $1120 $1005 6/6
Tybah Grand Banks 42 $1395 $1255 4/6
Launches Rouge
Design: Merry Fisher 795
Summer: $910
Autumn: $820
Ideal/Max: 2/4
Launches Euphoria
Design: Pelin Sterling 36
Summer: $1110
Autumn: $1000
Ideal/Max: 4/6
Launches E.J
Design: Salthouse 35
Summer: $1120
Autumn: $1005
Ideal/Max: 6/6
Launches Tybah
Design: Grand Banks 42
Summer: $1395
Autumn: $1255
Ideal/Max: 4/6

Runabouts Design Summer Shoulder Ideal/Max
Slingshot II Fi-Glass Cavalier, 5.4m $525 $425 4/5
Morpheus Frewza F18, 5.8m $545 $445 4/5
Orion McLay 650 Hardtop Cruiser, 6.5m $575 $475 6/6
GnT Southern Sport 776, 7.8m $855 $765 6/6
Runabouts: Slingshot II
Design: Fi-Glass Cavalier, 5.4m
Summer: $525
Autumn: $425
Ideal/Max: 4/5
Runabouts: Morpheus
Design: Frewza F18, 5.8m
Summer: $545
Autumn: $445
Ideal/Max: 4/5
Runabouts: Orion
Design: McLay 650 Hardtop Cruiser, 6.5m
Summer: $575
Autumn: $475
Ideal/Max: 6/6
Runabouts: GnT
Design: Southern Sport 776, 7.8m
Summer: $855
Autumn: $765
Ideal/Max: 6/6

Skippered Only Vessels* Design Overnight Day trip
Voila Beneteau 54 From $2950.00 (6 POB max) From $2200.00 (12 POB max)
Skippered only vessels: Voila
Design: Beneteau 54
Overnight: From $2950.00 (6 POB max)
Day Trip: From $2200.00 (12 POB max)

*All skippered vessels include a skipper for your charter duration but not fuel. This will come out of your charter bond.

Consumables Fee: A $30/day for Yachts/Launches and $15/day for Runabouts applies to all charters and is included in the daily rate. All Yacht and Launch charters are provided with onboard consumables which includes salt and pepper, 1 toilet roll per toilet and toilet brush/cloth, detergent, Spray and Wipe, dish brush and cloth, 2 tea towels, Fishing rags (- so T- towels are not used :-)), matches for the stove, Pillows & pillow cases, hand towel and hand soap per toilet and air freshener. Also included is LPG, 2HP outboard Fuel for tenders (for hired 2HP outboards only), BBQ use, marina rubbish disposal, berth and launching fees, incidentals and use of the Compass Charters Moorings.

Payment: We accept Visa/MasterCard/Eftpos and Cash. You can also pay by Internet Banking, please contact us for bank account details or for any assistance. Charter balances need to be paid in full by their due date.

Security Bond: A bond MUST be authorised or paid PRIOR to charter commencement, we accept Visa/MasterCard - (NO AMEX sorry). With no damage, the Bond Authorisation is released within 20 days of charter completion less cost of fuels used, inventory lost & any outstanding charges as per T and C's.


Bareboat (Self-drive) charters for all vessels: $3000

Skippered Charters have a Fuel/Service/Damage/Inventory Bond: A $3000 for overnight skippered charters/ $1500 for single day charters

Additional Services and Prices:
Onboard Accommodation per person*  $30/adult & $15/child under 16yrs  
Extra hrs on charter (up to a maximum of 4 hrs). If more than 4hrs then a full day is charged - by prior arrangement and subject to availability.  Hourly rate = daily rate divided by 12, e.g.   $600/day = $50/hr.
Bedding Hire per set (Free for charters 7+ days)   $30
Outboard hire (2 - 2.5HP)  $50/loading fee + $20/day.
Waeco portable fridge/freezer  $10/day
Fishing Rod Hire per rod per day/ 1 hook and sinker per rod hire.  $10/day (max $40 per rod per charter)
SUP (Stand up paddle board)  $30/loading fee + $20/day
Kayak hire. (Single seater 2.7m.) with life vest, paddle etc.  $30/loading fee + $15/day.
BBQ hire - if not part of boat inventory  $30/loading fee + $5/day.
Ski biscuit or Water Ski's with jacket & towrope  $15/day
Familiarisation /Skipper per 2 hours (minimum)  $120
Familiarisation /Skipper per 4 Hours  $200
Familiarisation /Skipper per 8 Hours, plus food  $350
Familiarisation /Skipper from 24 Hours, plus food  $500
Yacht/Launch - Short charter surcharge per day less than minimum  $250      
Runabout - Short charter surcharge per day less than minimum  $125
Trailer Use/towing fee - runabouts only (see "Relocation" below for more info)  $30/charter
Online Deliveries - provisions or goods delivered to our base  $30/loading fee
Rebooking fee - changes to confirmed charter booking (see notes below)  $250

On-board Accommodation*: $30 per person and $15 per under 16 yrs.

This enables you to stay on board your boat in its berth in the marina for the night before your charter, which starts at 1000hrs the next morning. Arrive here at the base between 1300 - 1600hrs, we'll meet you down at the boat and settle you in for a Safety, Loo's, Lights & LPG brief. You should have already read the PDF manual which is sent to you at the time of booking your charter. Then you and your crew can settle into the vessel for the evening and really familiarize yourself with all the vessels buttons, switches and systems as well as all the inventory and safety equipment. Then the next morning you receive a full "Safety & Systems" briefing starting no later than 0900hrs (usually 0830hrs) - we need your "1st Mate" present for this full briefing as well. The briefings can take from 1.25hrs to 2hrs to complete as we give a full area/moorings, safety and systems briefings for each vessel. You are then free to leave that morning. We do, when possible, complete the full briefing on the afternoon of arrival.

There is 1 restaurant, The Jolly Roger and the Waikawa Boating Club here in the marina only a short walk away. If you opt for this "onboard accommodation" option then your charter starts at 1000hrs and therefore handover is at 1000hrs on your final day.

Late arrivals: by prior arrangement and subject to availability. All briefings must begin no later than 1600hrs and any late arrivals after this will incur a "late arrival" fee of $50/hour. For example if you arrive at the office at 1730hrs then a late arrival fee of $75.00 would apply.

Extra Hours/Extensions: are available (up to 4 hrs) as an add on to any charter booked - by prior arrangement and subject to availability. If over 4 hrs then a full day rate is charged. How to work it out - divide the daily rate by 12 and that is the hourly rate for extra hours up to 4 hrs max. Please note that you will be charged a full day if you are more than 4 hrs from your original handover time.

Provisioning: Our base is in the Waikawa marina, approximately 5 minutes drive from Picton. There are "Fresh Choice" and a "Four Square" supermarkets in Picton. To save time on arrival we can arrange to have your provisions delivered prior to your arrival, just let us know and we'll send you a provisions list as a guide for ordering or send us a list (we use Four Square for this). There is a 10% surcharge with a minimum surcharge of $25 per order. There is a $30 loading fee for any deliveries to Compass Charters organised by yourselves (online shopping etc).

Cleaning fee, bond maintenance and blocked toilets/holding tanks: We ask for you to "bring the boat back as you found it" and appreciate that you are on holiday, so you can opt for our Compass Crew to clean your boat but we do charge for this service. This usually takes between 1 and 3 hrs at $45.00/hr. Please let us know at time of booking if you would like us to clean the boat for you. NB: Any maintenance required due to any Bond issues is charged at $70.00/hr, unblocking of toilet and tanks is charged at $95.00/hr

Relocation: Vessel relocations to/from Pelorus/Havelock for clients pre or post charter. Please contact us for a price. Indicative pricing - Vessel daily rate plus $500/day for the skipper plus travel costs for skipper to/from destination by road. Fuel is an additional cost, we will need to top up the fuel tanks after your charter and after the boat has been relocated. If you are towing runabouts then its your responsibility to ensure vehicle is adequate and fit for purpose including WOF of vehicle, tow bar size and lights all in working order etc. Relocations to other places also available. Please enquire for a more accurate costing. 
Rebooking fee: $250.00 - This applies to confirmed charters that want to change their dates and/or change the boat booked, subject to availability. Any reduction in charter length or charter value incurs a charter cancellation fee. Conditions apply.

Picton / Waikawa marina transfer: Picton Shuttles MUST be pre-booked and payment made to them direct on the day. Contact Picton Shuttles : 0800 252520 or 03 573 7122 to make a booking.



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